M-PACT licensing and training

Licensing and training


“Having worked with prisoners and rehabilitation for the last twenty years, in which time I have facilitated and managed a wide variety of HM Prison Service accredited offending behaviour programmes...I can say with confidence that in my experience the M-PACT intervention is one of the best I have ever seen.”


Corin Morgan-Armstrong, Head of Family Interventions, HMP & YOI Parc, Wales

”In 2015, the Alcohol Forum became the first and only provider of M-PACT in Ireland, where one in six carers (16%) have reported that children for whom they have parental responsibility have experienced harm because of someone else’s drinking. Our M-PACT offering continues to grow, making a significant difference to the lives of the family members it supports."


Kieran Doherty, Chief Executive Officer, The Alcohol Forum, Ireland

“M-PACT has enabled us to develop a bridge between children and adult services by providing direct evidence based interventions with each member of the family. The difference this has made to the lives of families accessing our service has been immense.”


James Mawhinney, Social Work Team Leader and Safeguarding Lead, CGL (change, grow, live)


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Evaluation shows that this relatively brief intervention is able to produce significantly positive changes for many families, even those with multiple and complex needs.

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M-PACT evaluation report 2006-2018

Family members attending M-PACT programmes reported multiple improvements in diverse areas of family functioning.

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A Social Return on Investment Analysis of M-PACT

For every £1 spent, M-PACT can save up to £6.53

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M-PACT training

Action on Addiction regularly holds training events for practitioners employed by licensed organisations.

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