Families and M-PACT

Moving Parents and Children Together


When I was little I thought no-one had been through the same stuff I had been through...I went to M-PACT...[and now]...I don’t feel alone.

Young M-PACT participant

Key objectives of M-PACT

  1. Educate and raise awareness around substance misuse and its impact on children and families
  2. Interrupt repeating patterns of harmful behaviour and reduce risks associated with them through a focus on coping strategies
  3. Explore individual and family beliefs and values, and improve communication within the family
  4. Strengthen protective and resilience factors including self-esteem
  5. Identify additional needs of family members and signpost to further help

Core M-PACT sessions

  1. Introductions
  2. Making sense of addiction (part 1)
  3. Making sense of addiction (part 2)
  4. My family
  5. Communicating with the people you care about
  6. Feelings and beliefs about self
  7. Family survival kit
  8. Endings


Statistical analysis shows that family members attending M-PACT programmes reported improvements in global family functioning, how family members viewed the severity of the problem, and how they coped with life's challenges. A social return on investment analysis, applied to five M-PACT sites, found that for every £1 spent, M-PACT can save up to £6.53 in the first year after a family has completed the programme.

M-PACT evaluation report 2006-2018

Family members attending M-PACT programmes reported multiple improvements.

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A Social Return on Investment Analysis of M-PACT

For every £1 spent, M-PACT can save up to £6.53.

Read the report

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This relatively brief intervention is able to produce significantly positive changes for many families,
even those with multiple and complex needs.

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